Effluent Treatment Projects

Industries during the manufacturing process generates huge quantity of high toxic effluents which yield very high BOD, COD, TS and TDS level with black colored and odor effluent.
Based on the above mentioned fact, XpertEnvirocare has developed a Zero Liquid Discharge Effluent Treatment system by which it will be possible to overcome all the environmental problems. The concept and the treatment is based on the belief that all the BOD requirement should go down and the condensate coming out should not be polluted. For reducing the above BOD, COD level of the effluent, we suggests a technology of evaporation and drying.  
XpertEnvirocarehas developed a process for treatment of industrial effluent with economical operation and Zero Liquid Discharge to meet the stringent pollution control norms. Depending upon the type of effluent, various processes have been developed for the cost effective treatment of effluent. The technological solution is provided after complete research and trial run at our R&D Centre

Advantage of Technology

  • Totally integrated zero discharge system.
  • By Product is marketable commodity in most of the cases.
  • Complete use of condensate water.
  • Compact plant requires very less space.
  • No Scaling & Froth formation in evaporator.
  • User friendly plant.

Zero Liquid Discharge Effluent Treatment Solution For

  • Textile Industries
  • Distilleries
  • Pharma Industries
  • Chemical Industries
  • Paper Industries
  • Tannery Industries
  • Dye & Dye Intermediaries
  • Edible Oil Refineries
  • Electroplating Industries

High Lights

  • Fully Customized Designed System.
  • Highest Steam Economy.
  • Lowest Operation & Maintenance Cost.
  • Operator Friendly
  • Easily Upgradeable.